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Lisa Vortman, Yoga Instructor

Lisa believes that in yoga you are giving time to Self; your body, breath and overall well-being. With an explorative and uplifting style, Lisa loves to assist others in their practice and cherishes yoga for its natural encouragement to live mindfully and authentically. She loves that yoga is a lifetime study and is excited to continue learning and growing alongside so many incredible people. 

SAMANTHA, Body Transformation 

Samantha also specializes in total body transformation. As a huge advocate of healthy living, she utilizes simple techniques and easy lifestyle changes (rather than crash-course diets and overtraining) to successfully create long-term results for her clients. Samantha's goal is to help clients challenge themselves to make changes and become the very best versions of themselves!

HAWC Gym has brought some of the East Bay’s finest coaches and personal trainers together to provide extensive and well-rounded fitness programs for all. Whether looking to build general strength, stimulate healthy weight loss or prepare for OCR events like Spartan or Tough Mudder races, HAWC Gym has the ability to customize and deliver fitness programs to inspire you to reach your health goals while having fun.

NICK Kaplan, Body Transformation 

Nicholas specializes in complete body transformation. Geared towards those unhappy with their physical appearance or self-esteem, his programs help individuals to reveal their best selves by combining strength/cardio training with customized meal plans. With NASM certification and years of expertise, Nick creates fast but long-term results, shaping bodies to be proud of.

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Dan farrier, cross & spartan Coach

Dan is the owner and founder of HAWC Gym. Hailing from Michigan, Dan found his passion in cross-training and obstacle course racing after moving to California. A certified Spartan SGX coach, Dan competes with the OCR elite in the region while training OCR teams and athletes that consistently podium.


If you want a unique training experience catered to your specific needs, look no further than Tony. Whether in search of rehab, strength, conditioning or martial arts-inspired training, Tony will provide you with training experiences unlike any other.

Parrish LAvonte, sPorts trainer

Focused on sports training and athlete development, Parrish runs the Train The Brain Fit Club and offers elite personal training services. He combines vigorous cardio workouts with strength conditioning to develop healthy habits that help to fortify natural athletic movements and techniques. 

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Bruce Parrish, NASM certified trainer

Valuing nutrition and diet, Bruce helps clients stay on track with their calorie burning and daily intake goals. With a deep appreciation for clients’ strengths and limitations, Bruce specializes in training clients with varying physical disabilities, focusing on building a broad spectrum of flexibility and core strength through his programs.

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We’re always looking to expand our offerings and build our community. 

If you are a trainer and interested in using our facilities and equipment for your clients, single or group, we’d be happy to discuss partnering with you!

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Sergio Ruggiero, Personal Trainer

With over 12 years of training experience, Sergio brings balance to a variety of programs. Specializing in general rehabilitation and long-term weight loss, Sergio incorporates sports-related mechanics into his workouts to increase metabolism and build muscle memory.

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Specializing in group cross-training and Spartan/OCR prep
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