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Specializing in group cross-training and Spartan/OCR prep
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break up the monotony of office life and build team morale

Help get your colleagues over the work week hump by getting active! Specializing in workplace functional movements, HAWC Gym provides on-demand, on-location group classes perfect for the lunch hour or after work get-together. Each class typically includes calisthenic work, an H.I.I.T circuit, a core/abdominal session and a final cool-down designed to release common tight areas in office employees such as the lower back and hip flexors.

Aggressive enough to get your team sweating (but not too sweaty!) the goal is for your team to leave each workout feeling refreshed and re-energized. For multi-class sessions we'll even provide performance monitoring to benchmark and record your progress (i.e. pushups, planks, sit-ups, etc.) throughout the duration of the program. 

If interested in something a little different, we also offer Spartan/OCR training or Yoga classes upon request. Prices may vary depending on level of customization.

Details & Pricing

available in dublin, pleasanton, san ramon, danville & walnut Creek classes can be scheduled by appointment.

each class runs 45-60 minutes long.
  • 1-10 participants | 1 trainer
    • Single Class: $135
    • Eight (8) Classes: $1080
  • 11-15 participants | 2 trainers
    • Single Class: $205
    • Eight (8) Classes: $1640
  • 16-20 participants | 2-3 trainers
    • Single Class: $265
    • Eight (8) Classes: $2120

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