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Specializing in group cross-training and Spartan/OCR prep
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The hills are alive with the sound of workout music.

Open Gym


When a group workout is not in session we open up our gym to the public Monday-Friday 10am-5pm.  
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Running Programs

Burn 600-900 Calories per workout with our group treadmill classes. 

Hate the gym? No problem.

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Group Spartan SGX Cross-Training


Using innovative methods and equipment, each class prepares you for upcoming races or events.

Our goal is to help motivate and inspire you to be the best (and healthiest) you while reaching all of your fitness goals.


Health and Wellness Consulting (HAWC) Gym specializes in both cross-training fitness programs and complete obstacle course racing (OCR) training for events like Spartan, Tough Mudder and Battlefrog races. We offer both group and 1-on-1 training for every level of fitness enthusiast, from the casual gym-goer to the elite athlete.

Personal Training


Looking to step up your game and make significant strides toward your fitness goals?


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